We do through analysis thru scientific analytic tools about your business and provide you with insightful actionable knowledge


Our understanding about your business help us to reach the target audience in an effective and engaging way through multiple digital media channels


Better understanding of the business and right targeting helps to stay  in touch and engage directly with the current and prospective customers

We are a digital Marketing and Advertising company. We help you to reach the target audience in a more effective and engaging way through multiple digital media channels. We have a team with vast and extensive experience. They come from sales, marketing and advertisement background. We are well poised to fulfill your requirements in the best and cost effective manner. We service our clients across the globe.

Web Design and Development

We create website of all kinds and for all size of business.Our websites are unique and ideally for home or small business, SME’s, MSME’s, Corporrates, Schools, Colleges, Crowd Funding, E-commerce, Professionakls, Politicans etc.

Social Media Marketing

Digital Gaddi is renowned for its unique ideation, campaign creation, execution/posting content and creatives.We are excellent at response management, increasing the number of followers. We provide 24*7 monitoring, PPC etc

Search Engine Optimisation

We drive website traffic through effective SEO. We take care of both on-site SEO (Social media, content, banners, keywording, site speed) and alsow ith offsite optimization (web master, link building, pay per click, email marketing, deep linking)

PPC and ADwords

We generate leads for our business clients through google and facebook ads that drives traffic to your website and also improve the ranking of the website considerably

Creative Design Solutions

What makes the business attractive is the graphics and creative design. We provide you one-point solution for all sort of logo designing, flyers-leafelts, brochure designing and other branding services which includes a poster creatives for social media post. Good combination of colours along with a good pictorial backgrounds must be eye appealing. The brochures and banners must designed in such a way that the customers want to go through it atleast oonce. We take to design our creatives in such an elegant way that it speaks for itself without having the customer go through the entire content.

Branding Solutions

Digital Print Solutions

Training and Development

No wonder everyone is expertise with Dgigital marketing today but to keep updated with the new strategies can only be done through a good training program and self development.  It cannot bne achieved through researches. Continuous learning support is required under a mentor who is willing to extend the hand to improvise your skill sets on digital marketing.

What our clients say

VICE meets up with Joe Nickell, a longtime paranormal investigator who’s been called the real-life...

VICE meets up with Joe Nickell, a longtime paranormal investigator who’s been called the real-life...

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